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About Markija Berdaya

As our name Markija Berdaya Bersama already suggests our main goal is to empower Indonesian workers and young professionals by providing them the possibility to study and to work in Europe ensuring studying, working and living conditions according to the highest standards.

Our aim is to provide job opportunities in Europe which will enhance the professional knowledge and the international expertise of the Indonesian workforce. We cooperate with the Indonesian Polytechnics Association and most of our programs provide additional academic credits and may result in a higher Indonesian degree, licence or certification, while also providing international certification and recommendation.


Our mission is to empower Indonesian young professionals by providing them opportunities to study and work abroad, enhancing their knowledge, raising their competitiveness due to which we can provide them a better future.


Our vision is to raise the international competitiveness of the Indonesian workforce which will result in strengthening the Indonesian economy, ensuring better career options, higher salaries and higher living standards.

Our values


We believe in young Indonesian professionals and our main goal is to empower them to reach their highest potential.


We are backed by the support of governmental and international organizations ensuring trustworthy and reliable operation.


We are guiding and supporting all our participants through the challenges and procedures of living and working abroad.


 We cooperate with Indonesian ministries, authorities, associations and polytechnics to ensure approved and successful programs.


We are offering opportunities, based on the concept to strengthen the long-term international competitiveness of our participants.


We know how important international experience is and we are very passionate and dedicated to empower our participants.

Sectors & Industries




Metal industry

Operation & Maintenance



Medical & Pharmaceutical

Our partners

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