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Why Europe?

In order to build an internationally competitive career, due to which you can ensure higher living standards it’s advisable to gain international working experience abroad. However you should choose wisely when it comes to working abroad in a foreign country. 

European countries are a safe and wise choice. Europe ranks high in life expectancy, water and air quality, employment opportunities and quality of education. Currently the highest GDP growth in Europe is in the Central-Eastern European countries where due to this there is also an economic and investment growth and a rising demand for well-educated, skilled labor.

Most of our partners are from Hungary, one of the best performing countries in the EU. As a member of the European Union and the Schengen-zone Hungary attracts a lot of investors from all over the world and became the European hub for knowledge based industries and high level manufacturing.

Hungary is among the world leaders in terms of Nobel Prize winners per capita, with well trained labour force, graduates fluent in various languages, and a spectacular track record in terms of IT and software development (from John Neumann to Charles Simonyi or from LogMeIn to Prezi).

The capital is Budapest, the official language is Hungarian and the most spoken foreign languages are English and German.

There are approximately 600 Indonesians living in Hungary and Indonesia has an embassy in Budapest.

Study in Europe

In Europe most of the companies provide their own training facility and are educating and training their own workforce. 

Most of the companies utilise special manufacturing methods and cutting edge technologies in order to satisfy the most complex of requirements and meet the most demanding customer expectations. Working and studying in such an environment you’ll not only gain valuable international expertise, but you’ll also be able to extend your knowledge. 

Since we are only cooperating with trustworthy European partners, who offer high quality education, training and work experience and due to Markija’s cooperation with the Polytechnic Association, participants in our program may also obtain additional credit advancing their academic career and may even obtain Indonesian certification and licence. The European companies are also issuing international recommendation letters to participants and will give constant valuable feedback and career counseling.

Work in Europe

All our partner companies in Europe have a professional and technologically advanced work environment ensuring that all our participants will gain expertise using high-end equipment and techniques,  adapting to the required high quality standards while maintaining high safety levels.Most of our partners offer bonuses based on performance and they monitor each participant and try to give everyone tasks, which suit their abilities and which help their advancement in their professional career.
All our partners highly value their employees and they take care of the health, safety and well-being of them. Working conditions are according to highest quality and safety standards ensuring a working environment which ensures that everyone can learn, perform and excel according to their abilities.

Also all our partners are companies with international employees respecting different cultures and religions.

By participating in one of our programs…


You can be sure that you’ll study, work and live according to high level, European standards. 


You’ll gain international expertise and even additional certification and licence, while receiving valuable feedback on your work and career counseling to ensure your further advancement.


You’ll be able to live and stay together with your fellow Indonesian participants and can keep constant contact with your family at home. 


There’ll be constant proactive communication and support for all participants of the program.

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